5 Advantages of Paving with Asphalt

Whether you’re looking to pave a commercial, residential or municipal surface, asphalt is the best way to go. While concrete may be recommended by some paving contractors in Surrey, Chilliwack and elsewhere on the Lower Mainland, the truth is our cool wet winters and hot dry summers dramatically reduce the one advantage concrete has over asphalt: its durability. Because concrete shrinks and swells as external temperatures shift, the material is poorly suited to our steeply fluctuating Canadian climate. So as tough as concrete is, it lacks flexibility, which means the more it contracts and expands, the more likely it is to crack or spall. Asphalt is a much more flexible material, and as such, doesn’t have the same vulnerabilities to temperature.

What other advantages does asphalt have over the competition? Read on to find out more:

An Affordable Choice
Using asphalt for paving in Chilliwack, Surrey or other parts of the greater Vancouver area is much more cost-effective than using concrete. On smaller projects you can expect to spend 30% to 40% less on materials. For bigger projects, the discrepancy can be even more dramatic. Repair work, when it’s required, is also more affordable.

Easier to Repair
Damaged concrete is difficult, expensive and time-consuming to repair. Too often the entire structure needs to be pulled out and entirely resurfaced before it can be fixed. But not so with asphalt. In many cases repairing this type of pavement is quick, easy and affordable. Capable DIYers may even be able to do some repairs themselves.

Quicker Curing Time
Depending on weather conditions and the size of the surface, asphalt can typically be driven over as soon as a day or two after paving. With concrete, however, the surface needs a full week before even lightweight vehicles can be parked on top. For homeowners, this might not be such a big deal, but for businesses and municipalities, seven days may be far too much downtime to contend with.

Safer to Drive On
Asphalt roads provide better traction to drive on, especially during wet or icy conditions. Vehicles navigating concrete roads are far more prone to skidding and sliding.

Asphalt is far from being a truly green building material, thanks to its substantial bitumen content. But concrete isn’t much better given the high amounts of energy required to make it. However, asphalt does have one eco advantage over concrete: it’s highly recyclable. Asphalt can be melted down and reused many, many times, thereby possibly making it the greener of the two materials.

For Asphalt Paving in Surrey, Chilliwack and Beyond
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